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Description of Traverous - Your Travel Diary & Assistant

Traverous serves as your personal Travel Diary. But not a traditional one. It's fully automated and personalized. You tap a couple of times before starting your journey and the app is set to record your location and media to compose a personalized animated travel journal of your trip at the end of your journey.

It equips you with the unmatched power to revisit and share your awesome travel experiences. We like to call it a time machine.

You open the Traverous app and start recording your journey. The app requires GPS to function and works offline

On the way you add

■ Captured Photos and Video Glimpses

■ Photos from Gallery (also Instagram photos)

■ Check-ins

When you've reached the destination, you review the journey, add/remove photos etc. Connect to the Internet and publish it. After sometime you get notified that your Travel Diary, including animated video on 3D maps and detailed timeline, is ready to watch and share.

Then you share it with people you care about on

■ Social Networks

■ Emails

■ Traverous 😊

Travel journals created through Traverous boasts enough details to relive your past endeavors and leave your mark for eternity.

We usually try to capture as much memories as possible but doing this alot, hurts the experience and enjoyment sometimes, especially if we are with our loved ones. So Traverous encourages you to participate in the enjoyment and capture only the moments that matter the most. Rest is captured for you.

Traverous is a community of Travelers. You can connect with other travelers, discover their travel diaries and travel diaries captured on specific places (from our next version) to get inspiration for your next trips.

The Travel Diaries by top travelers are the best way to discover the activities and places for your itineraries. As your participation grows in the community, you can opt to make your diaries serve as discovery and inspiration resource.

Traverous records your journey offline. After you finish your trip, you will need Internet connection to sync your journey with our server and it would start compiling your travel diary.

You can add photos from your Instagram & Snapchat to your diary from your phone's gallery.

We ask for minimum permissions required to make your experience smooth in the app. You are the owner of your data.

We love to hear your feedback because that's what drives the improvements and new features in the app. Let us know with your reviews here or on

for faster reply.

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